Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker Review

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Looking to make delicious homemade meals with minimal effort? Look no further than the Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker, Food Warmer, Charcoal (SCV700-KC). With its generous 7-quart capacity, this slow cooker is perfect for serving 8 or more people. The high and low cook settings allow you to customize your cooking experience, and the convenient warm setting keeps your food at the perfect temperature until you’re ready to serve. The removable oval stoneware and dishwasher-safe design make clean-up a breeze. Plus, the polished silver and stainless steel exteriors come in various colors and patterns, adding a touch of style to your kitchen. Upgrade your cooking routine with the Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker, Food Warmer, Charcoal (SCV700-KC).

Learn more about the Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker, Food Warmer, Charcoal (SCV700-KC) here.

Why Consider This Product?

If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient cooking appliance, the Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker is worth considering. With its impressive 7-quart capacity, this slow cooker can serve 8 or more people, making it perfect for family gatherings or dinner parties. The high/low cook settings and convenient warm setting allow you to easily control the cooking process, ensuring that your dishes are cooked to perfection.

But what sets this slow cooker apart from the rest? Scientific research has shown that slow cooking can help retain more nutrients in food compared to other cooking methods. The slow, gentle heat allows flavors to meld and intensify, resulting in delicious and nutritious meals. The Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker excels in this aspect by providing even heat distribution and consistent cooking results.

The Crock-Pot brand is well-known and trusted, with a longstanding reputation for producing high-quality kitchen appliances. This particular model has received positive reviews and endorsements from satisfied customers, further enhancing its credibility. So if you want to enjoy tasty, nutritious meals without compromising on convenience, the Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker is the right choice for you.

Features and Benefits

Convenient Warm Setting

The Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker offers a convenient warm setting, allowing you to keep your food at the perfect serving temperature until you’re ready to enjoy it. This feature ensures that your meals stay warm and flavorful, even if you’re not ready to serve them immediately.

Removable Oval Stoneware

Cleaning up after cooking is a breeze with the removable oval stoneware of this Crock-Pot slow cooker. The stoneware can be easily lifted out and placed in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning. No more scrubbing stubborn stains or worrying about damaging the appliance.

Dishwasher-Safe Stoneware and Glass Lid

Not only is the stoneware dishwasher-safe, but the glass lid is too. This makes cleaning up after cooking even more convenient, as you can simply place both components in the dishwasher and let it do the work for you. Say goodbye to tedious hand-washing and hello to effortless cleaning.

Polished Silver, Stainless Steel Exteriors in Various Colors/Patterns

The Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker combines functionality with style. Its polished silver and stainless steel exteriors come in various colors and patterns, allowing you to choose a design that suits your kitchen decor. The black accents and plastic handles add a modern touch, making this slow cooker not only a practical appliance but also a visually appealing one.

Product Quality

When it comes to product quality, the Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker exceeds expectations. It is built to last, thanks to its durable materials and well-designed construction. The polished silver and stainless steel exteriors not only enhance its visual appeal but also ensure its longevity. The stoneware and glass lid are of high quality, providing excellent heat retention and durability.

Crock-Pot is a renowned brand known for its commitment to producing top-notch kitchen appliances. The company’s focus on quality is evident in this slow cooker, with its excellent craftsmanship, reliable performance, and attention to detail. Investing in this Crock-Pot slow cooker means investing in a durable and reliable cooking companion that will serve you well for years to come.

What It’s Used For

Hosting Delicious Dinner Parties

With its generous 7-quart capacity, the Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker is perfect for hosting dinner parties. Whether you’re preparing a hearty stew, a flavorful roast, or a delicious curry, this slow cooker can easily accommodate large quantities of food, ensuring your guests are well-fed and satisfied.

Effortless Weeknight Meals

Busy weekdays can make cooking a time-consuming task, but the Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker makes it easier than ever to prepare delicious meals without much effort. Simply load the ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning, set the desired cooking setting, and let it work its magic throughout the day. When you come home in the evening, a flavorful and tender meal will be waiting for you, ready to be enjoyed.

Meal Prepping Made Easy

If you’re someone who likes to plan and prepare meals in advance, this Crock-Pot slow cooker is a game-changer. Its large capacity allows you to cook large batches of food, perfect for meal prepping. Prepare a week’s worth of soups, stews, or casseroles, and portion them out for easy, healthy meals throughout the week.

Keeping Food Warm at Parties or Potlucks

Whether you’re hosting a potluck or attending a party, the Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker is an excellent choice for keeping your dishes warm. The convenient warm setting ensures that your food stays at a safe serving temperature, without overcooking or drying out. With this slow cooker, you can confidently bring your homemade dishes to any gathering and impress everyone with your culinary skills.

Product Specifications

Capacity 7 quarts
Cook Settings High/Low/Warm
Stoneware Material Removable Oval
Lid Material Glass
Dishwasher-Safe Yes

Who Needs This

The Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker is a versatile and practical kitchen appliance that is suitable for a wide range of individuals.

  • Busy professionals who want to enjoy flavorful and healthy meals without spending hours in the kitchen
  • Families or households with multiple members who need to cook larger quantities of food
  • Those who enjoy hosting parties or potlucks and want a reliable tool for keeping their dishes warm
  • Individuals who are looking to embark on a meal prepping journey and need a reliable slow cooker for preparing large batches of food

Pros and Cons


  • Large 7-quart capacity, ideal for cooking for a crowd or meal prepping
  • Convenient warm setting to keep food at the perfect serving temperature
  • Removable stoneware and glass lid for easy cleaning
  • Durable and attractive stainless steel exteriors
  • Trusted brand with positive customer reviews and endorsements


  • Size may be too large for individuals or smaller households
  • Some users have reported longer cooking times compared to other slow cookers


Q: Is the stoneware oven-safe? A: Yes, the stoneware is oven-safe up to 400°F.

Q: Can I use this slow cooker to make yogurt? A: The Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker does not have a specific yogurt-making function, but it can be used for long, low-temperature cooking required for yogurt-making.

Q: How long is the power cord? A: The power cord is approximately 24 inches long.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers have praised the Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker for its excellent cooking performance, ease of use, and durability. Many have mentioned the convenience of the warm setting, allowing them to serve delicious and hot meals at their convenience. The removable stoneware and glass lid have received positive feedback for their ease of cleaning, saving customers precious time and effort. Overall, customers appreciate the reliability and quality of this slow cooker, making it a highly recommended kitchen appliance.

Overall Value

Considering its features, durability, and versatility, the Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker offers excellent value for its price. Its large capacity, convenience features, and high-quality construction make it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to simplify their cooking process and enjoy delicious meals with minimal effort.

Learn more about the Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker, Food Warmer, Charcoal (SCV700-KC) here.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • To prevent overcooking or drying out of your dishes, avoid lifting the lid unnecessarily during cooking. Each time the lid is lifted, heat is lost and cooking time is extended.
  • When using the warm setting, make sure to transfer the food to heat-safe serving dishes to prevent overcooking.
  • Experiment with different recipes and cooking times to find your preferred settings for various dishes. Slow cooking offers endless possibilities for delicious meals, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker is a reliable and efficient kitchen appliance that makes cooking delicious meals a breeze. With its generous capacity, convenient warm setting, and easy-to-clean features, it offers everything you need for hassle-free cooking. Its high-quality construction and attractive design make it an excellent addition to any kitchen.

Final Recommendation

If you’re in need of a versatile and trustworthy slow cooker, look no further than the Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slower Cooker. With its impressive capacity, convenient features, and reliable performance, it will quickly become your go-to cooking companion. Prepare mouthwatering meals, effortlessly entertain guests, and enjoy the convenience this slow cooker brings to your kitchen. You and your taste buds won’t be disappointed!

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